The Negro, and The Sardine.

(A Moorish Analogy)
The political and social metamorphosis of West African Moors made into American Negro, Black, Colored and today’s African American (NBC) Slaves is very analogous to how Sardines are made. There are many species of small fish indigenous to the great Seas of the Earth and The Great God created them all. Yet, there is not one fish in any of the seas named “Sardine”! Like the NBC, these especial fish are not labeled “Sardines” until captured, processed and canned by men.
A trivia research shows the brand name “Sardine” derived from Sardinia, an Italian Island in the Mediterranean Sea. The word “Sardine” actually refers to many groups of small fishes. Pilchards, Sprats and Atlantic Herrings, (mostly young herrings), are the primary fishes which make the array of
food fish called “Sardines”. Pending where they are caught the fish are then denationalized, commercialized and advertised as South African Sardine, Pacific Sardine and (of course) European Sardine. Young Herrings, which only grow from 9 to 12 inches, are packed without heads or tails. Naturally, being without head and tail, who can trace the past status or future of the fish? Consequently, without these identifications, “Sardine” is what they are called now! There are a variety of packaging operandi to the finale which people call “Sardines”. They are often smoked, packed in oil, water, mustard or hot sauce, etc. Either way, the result is the true identity of the fish is legally concealed from the public under the marketing label “Sardines”. Speaking about the general public…not many people notice there is Tuna in cans of Tuna, Salmon in cans of Salmon and Mackerel in cans of Mackerel. BUT! What on Earth (that was once in the sea) is in cans of Sardines?
So how does the Negro fit into all this?
As The Great God did not create ‘Sardines’ nor placed them in the sea, like so, The Creator did not create ‘Negroes’, ‘Indians’, ‘Chicanos’, ‘Blacks’, ‘White Folks’, ‘Latinos’, ‘Colored People’ or ‘African Americans’ nor place them on the Earth. The many Moorish Nationals in today’s Western Hemisphere are a caucus of Nations, Tribes and Countries of the Ancient Moorish Empire of Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa; direct Descendants of Old Man Ham. All Members of the Human Family are indigenous to the Earth by divine origin. These West Africans did not become Negro, Blacks and Colored People until the advent of slavery in the Americas and associated “Slave Breaking Islands” in the Atlantic. As a paradigm, ‘Sardines’ and ‘Negroes’ are evil brand names and labels, placed upon deities captured in garbs of flesh, which would otherwise be autonomous in their true state and natural status. Tragically, whereas many seaside countries produce and export Sardines from their nationalized Fishing Industries, the so-called “NBC” People are made only in America.
Negroes are never imported. And whether they are exported by way of The United States Military, or her Businesses, for her Schools, Churches, and Sports or spurious pleasures and vacations the Negro, mass produced in America, will go and return still in the same psychological “NBC” cans of slavery from which they departed. The term “Black People” is a misnomer identifying a programmed and processed People. In the computer world a person learns the greatest of programs are limited to the capacity of the computer’s memory. “Mental Slavery” is when the Soul or thinking faculties of Man, that consist of divine gifts of thinking, reasoning, willing, understanding and remembrance has been minimized into an unnatural state to function centripetally against it’s true God Self. Man’s mind is not capable of forgetfulness but his future is limited by his recorded history. It is in the nature of the mind to become what it thinks. And since the State Officials of their birth have certified the African Descendants born in America,, to be either Negro, Black or Colored they remain complacent in a feigned Citizen status to the United States.
There is very little distinction between the Negro and the Sardine. This is because unlike countless Sardines, which are decapitated and canned, it is the head (mind) of the Africans that has been bound, processed and canned. Rarely do the NBC look deep enough into his mind to see The Self as the very image of God. As the tail of the Sardine is removed, so is the true history of the West African Nationals. Now neither the fish nor the man can be properly identified without head or tail. This mental canning process takes place in the United States Judicial Industries on a conveyer belt called the Reconstruction Amendments (13th, 14th and 15th). Through the powers of the 14th Amendment the head of the African remains physically attached although his true history and future are severed by the misnomers “NBC” that is hidden in the deceptive words “All Persons Born …”. Hence, they never realize their personage has been certified to be that of a slave since birth.
The canning and misnaming of herrings and the certified misidentification and denationalization of the West African Moors are too similar to ignore. Birth Certifications are authorized by the states wherein all persons (commercial properties) are born or reside”. All one has to do is read the 14th Amendment and their State-issued Certificate of Live Birth. If the latter has Negro, Black or Colored sanctioned by the State’s Seal…chances are, immediately after their divine birth, they had been processed to be a Slave. This is the beginning of the “Canning Operandi” to the finale of today’s so-called “African Americans”. It matters very little whether they were labeled N, B or C, or Afro, or Coon, etc. The one free National Name has been concealed under the grand marketing label of “American Citizen”. Needfultosay, no NBC can ever be a first class citizen to any Nation because NBC were/are names given to U.S. Slaves, in the U.S. and for the U.S. The great Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision sustained this as a perpetual fact of law. This is why the 14th Amendment is an Ex post facto Law, hoax and a sham that pretends to suddenly transform Negro Slaves into U. S. Citizens. Or, is that making Herrings into Sardines?
All true and sacred records reveal it is the Great God alone that makes Men and Fishes. But being in a likeness of God, it is in the power of man to make slaves of other men and Sardines of Sprats and Pilchards. The canning of Sardines and the Denationalization Processing of the African descendants, like a bad beat, is still going on! And On! And On! Nevertheless, the carnal customs of Man does not alter the nature of truth. Like the powerful aroma steeped from the deaths of millions of Herrings under the disguise of “Sardines”, anyone can sense there is an ungodly stench cast off from the same people acting as Coloreds in the 40’s, Negroes in the 50’s, Blacks in the 60’s, Afro in the 70’s, Afro-Americans (Nubians, Bilalians) Blacks in the 80’s then African Americans in the 90’s. Do these Man-made Marketing Labels likewise serve the same identifying purposes as the various brand names of sardines?
Know, not withstanding, no one has a lasting power to change Man from his descendant nature. Still, it is in the nature of the mind to become what it thinks. And the Man who thinks he is NBC can never attain a free national status because of his mind has been processed to the limitations of property. As the vision of a Goldfish is confined to the jurisdiction of its aquarium, the thought pattern of the Negro cannot think beyond its blackness. Without a doubt, these misnomers are concealing the one and only Free National Name to a Clean and Pure Nation of people. This hallowed Name of the Ex-slaves has been known esoterically for 135 years. It is now the greatest secret kept in America to date. Yet, it cannot be denied in 1865 the U.S. Congressional 13th Amendment brought forth on this Continent the Nationality of a 2nd new Nation. From finite and infinite points of view, the judicial question must again rise from the dust: Without removing its head and tail can a Herring be a Sardine? Without proclaiming his proper status by his and her one free National Name, can a Negro be a Citizen of any Government?
Hummm. There is something mighty, mighty fishy going on in The United States.
By Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey, Author of The Biography of Noble Drew Ali / The Exhuming Of A Nation or e-mail:

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