The Lion King, A movie of birthright theft.

By : Jay El

As a young man, I saw the first version of The Lion King and it simply was an entertaining movie, a VERY entertaining movie. Something in it caught me, and wouldn’t let me go. Was it the catchy music, almost all hits? Was it the Lions, I love nature and it’s creatures of all sizes, especially lions. Or could it have been the oddly familiar story that told a tale of a lost people?

I say a lost people because the Negro, Black, Colored, African American people of the Americas and abroad are not connected to the human family. They are classified as 3/5’s of a person in the constitution. How does this tie into the Lion King? Allow me to explain.

Simba, in the original movie is taught about the ancestor ship of the stars, and how he will inherit ‘Everything the light touches’. In this movie his uncle Scar (a family member) who lacks the strength to lead by Creed, chooses to gain leadership by deception, and murder. There is a group that follows this very same pattern. Freemasons.

This shouldn’t be a shock in this day and age. If guilt by association was the planets WORST crime, where do you think that organization would rank? Think deeply about that. I don’t want to dive into Freemasonry to deeply, but to shed light on who’s who in this movie. However I would like to say, it’s not the Craft of Masonry, it’s the organization and it’s many veiled corrupted branches.

Simbas father Mustafa represents the Pack Leader, whom has a son, whom naturally should inherit the fathers/packs kingdom/empire. This allegorically is a representation of the Negro’s, Blacks and Coloreds. The lost people. Before 1492 they were owners of the worlds largest estate. Since this time, majority of my people have no idea of their ancestry.


This is Simba once he gets kicked out of the pack. Roaming. I’m not going to totally spoil the old movie for those who haven’t seen it, however if you haven’t seen it in a long time, I suggest before going to the new release on the 18th, rewatch the classic with this in mind.

Moors/Indians lost their estate to rouge family members. This has little to do with pigmentation, as there is only one race, thus one family, divided into Nations. That rouge group moves on this planet devouring nations much like Scars hyenas in the original.

All they have left is their secrets. We are waking up, and the only thing left to be done is reclaim our lost estate and set our affairs in order. It won’t be easy, however remaining a slave in 2019 IS a choice.

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