The Life of A Warrior King by Jaxx

(My Empress wrote this for me, touched my soul.)

Beautiful brown skin

Copper tone and caramel to her brown eyes
But as she stares into his deep brown eyes
She doesn’t just see him… but also the warrior inside
You can see the fire
That manifests into passion
But not just passion so much more than that

Living every day, every hour, every minute and every second with the wills and the pride of his ancestors driving him forward
Living every moment like it’s his last
Prepared for Death’s visit at any moment
Yet daily he waves at him in passing
As if greeting an old friend
He can see him not because it’s his time but because when his time comes he will be ready As in the story of the deathly hollows he will meet Death as an old friend

Because he knows from way down deep inside that he has work to do
That’s why he has risen from the grave
Not once but twice seeing nothing because it was not his time
But bringing back the memories and wisdom of the ages
His work and the wills of the ancestors fuel his constant drive

I’m not sure where his rise will end
This autodidactic bird is one with a wingspan not of an Eagle but of pterodactyl
Inside fiercer stronger than his counter parts with whom he walks beside
But the transformation of this caterpillar to a butterfly is not complete
I can see that he is in the chrysalis phase
Learning, growing and reforming himself
Building a new each day from the inside out
And top to bottom always becoming a better version of self

Always preparing his shield and other tools and weapons of war, his mind the most effective part of his shield and sword
He prepares for the battle he know will come
Not waiting to learn his instruments of war until the final battle comes

No this warrior King has long studied
Long practiced
Everyday sharpening his skills
Journeying towards that 10,000 hour mastery mark…

And then after that who knows for this scholar and Gentleman
Only time will tell the magnificent feats that he will achieve
Triumphs that will make the smiles of the ancestors shine brighter than the stars in the sky
One thing I know about this warrior king is he has an insatiable need to see the sun each day
It recharges him and takes him to new heights
However, as with the sun, so does he also have a voracious appetite for the moon and the stars
Using their energy to guide him along his journey on this his life path…

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