The Choice.

When facing a new, quite different scenario, one must remember where they came from, and what made them strong enough to face the challenge they are facing. This rule of law starts at babies, and works it’s way into adulthood.

In adulthood, the rites of passage continue. Our obligation with the divine is, and should be the goal. Fulfilling that soul purpose we all have. This has lead me to re-think Freemasons and their counterparts. Considering the true creation story in the book of Genesis, isn’t precisely a “story”, it’s an outline on genetics.

The war between the Moors, and the Germanic tribes isn’t new, however it is war. Spiritual, as well as physical, but much more Spiritual. In war, you must always be willing to sacrifice, and to not be desperate. This is the hidden manna. The devil is the father of lies. How does that work, exactly? Correspondence. 1 of the hermetic 7 keys.

It’s akin to the “Birds of a Feather” parable, and the “Thin line between love and hate”. This war is fueled by hate on one end, and it will end with love at the top. Nothing more or less. Hate is used to redirect energy that would and should otherwise be used for love. There are exceptions to the peoples of the Germanic tribes, however for the most part because of genetics, diet, etc.. the mind is generally always in a state of xenophobia.

This leads to so called secret societies. They don’t have anymore secrets, and they are desperate. Yet, that “fraternity” is what brings them in. People of a common ailment, if you will. You have to believe in a deity, and eventually that deity becomes the G.A.O.T.U.

Mystery Babylon Watch: New Video: Communism Is A Creation ...

Every lodge has a piece of this demonic entity in it, and when the willing shells submit themselves to this things whim, it’s virtually over for them. Out with that piece of soul, in with the devil itself.

It’s all dogma, and a trap.

My curiosity led me AWAY from the lodge. Close enough to look through the door and observe, but far away to not give myself willingly to that dark energy. It’s pleasures are fleeting, because what does it benefit a man/woman to gain the world (an ill-usion of the world), but to sell their souls?

Original Niacin Council

These people have ADDED pounds of flesh to their karmatic scales. They are “willing” to be mentally seduced for the fruit of a poisonous tree. To make things worse, it’s time is up. Anyone who’s joining this thing is now entering in the final leg of this spiritual war, and as SOON as they submit themselves.. they feel the great sorrow of IMPENDING DOOM, and the FINALITY OF THIS DEFEAT.

The Sun of God has Returned. Aka “Climate Change”. Judgement of the Deys.

I was recently approached by someone whom my heart loved deeply, and still does. I tried to warn this person. In reality this person was with me during my real stages of growth. If I am being REALLY honest, I could say our struggles led her to join them, and eventually do the things she’s done. However, it was ultimately her choice. You have to be willing.

That was easily the worst choice I ever witnessed her make. Monumental. End Game. The point of NO RETURN. She wanted me to join too, offered me everything. Everything I wanted. That’s when I knew. I already knew spiritually, the thing can’t hide it’s vibration from me. Yet, her offering ME the fruit was exceptionally telling, as she was in sync with the very evil I am fighting, and I dreamed it would happen years before, though I didn’t inner stand the dream then.

Being in line with the thing, is horrible. Torment, anger, frustration. To name a few, are the DAILY struggles of those with latched soul ties to the lodge, and the dark energy. There is no more peace. To ease that pain, one must cause pain. One must go deeper into the darkness. One must drink deeper of the poisoned chalice. Opening self up to the dark energy further, potentially to full blown possession.

However, this thing doesn’t WANT to roam anymore. I mean it wants to, but it knows it’s exposed for all to see it’s wicked ways, although some of us are still rising, we can still see the parasitic soul latches. These soul latches feed the dark energy. It’s a vampire, or you can picture Pennywise from IT. It’s food source is waking up. It’s hunger is Greed, and it’s gotten very desperate.

In these last days, the ONLY offers it can make, are things that bring quick peace. NOTHING permanent. Things like a good credit score, a car, but now you have an obligation. When it calls, you must answer. Master to slave, and it’s constantly eating you, weather you know it or not, and it will consume you completely, eventually. We have to remember, those take that oath are only a shell of themselves, forever. There are ways to remove the dark energy, yet if you were willing in these LAST DAYS, it would be logical to say ones fate is sealed. It’s time is up.

The Trump-et sounding… not a Trump supporter, yet.. I can’t argue with results.

Personally, I truly love ALL people, and I wish we could have grasped the battle of “Good v Evil” better. This whole realm is a classroom, however. The rites of “passage” are playing out daily for all of us. We have choices, Every. Single. Day. That moment of pain in the heart from a situation, can open up a dark door to death in another. Moving in hate and the lower self only brings deaths door closer.

And as it goes from the Freemasonic lodges, 2 b 1 ask 1, you get invited in, you arrive, and then you knock., agree to sell your soul, get “hoodwinked”, then you tow the line…. that’s the “first step”. How deep down deaths dark domain do you dare discover?

Government. Ordinance. Department. = GOD

Men don’t wear aprons, but the anti masonic apron is accurate.

Honors to my teachers. C. Freeman El, Aseer the Duke of Tiers, Taj Tarik Bey, and MANY MANY others. Without the guidance they provided, maybe I as well, would have been fooled into the darkness that this cult calls light. Praise Allah my vision is 2020.

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