Private vs. Public

 It is important to know the difference between the private and the public, because we all haveprivate and public identities and we can handle private and public affairs from the private, but wecannot handle private affairs from the public.

This latter is one of the biggest mistakes manypeople make when trying to handle their commercial and lawful (private) or legal (public)affairs.In our society, the private ‘Strawman’ was created by the application for the birth certificate; it isan international vessel in maritime law. 

The public STRAWMAN was created by the application for the Social Security card; it is thenational vessel in the law of admiralty. John Doe is a non-resident alien in relation to the public. He exists in the republic. He hasinalienable rights and unlimited liabilities.

 JOHN DOE is a U.S. citizen. He exists in the democracy. He has benefits and obligations andlimited liability.In the private, money is an asset and always in the form of something that has intrinsic value, or silver. Payment for anything is in the form of commercial set off, now.In the public, money is a liability and normally in the form of a promissory note, i.e. an FRN, acheck, bond or note. Payment is in the form of discharge; in the future. 

The private realm is the basis for all contract and commerce; the public was created by thebankruptcy of the private entity. Generally, creditors can operate from the private. Public entitiesare all debtors (or slaves). 

Therefore, it is good to learn how to be a creditor in all of our affairs. Freedom is possible in theprivate; it is not even a valid fantasy in the realm of the public.

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