I was reading a blog recently, and it dawned on me as to what is, and what isn’t when it comes to what’s constitutional. Has anyone asked themselves where the Democratic party is in the Constitution for the United States? If they are not listed inside that document, how exactly are either of the parties running anything pertaining to this country?

I feel the most important question is, why are we allowing them?

The vast majority of people do not read. This issue is a heavy burden when you want to convey political ideas to your neighbor whom only watches reality tv shows, and almost never picks up a newspaper, book, or any other reading material.

Could it be that the system was designed for us to me, a bit dumber than we are capable? I’d say so. Yes, we have libraries, Yes we have bookstores, but who promotes these? By this I mean, when have you ever seen a promotion or advertisement for a library on tell lie vision? If you have please leave a link in the comment section.

What’s even more daunting about this is that the populace is oblivious to what they are capable of. They choose to fall for, I repeat CHOOSE to fall for the proverbial “okie-doke”. How? Well, contrary to what most think, voting does make a difference. I reference my initial paragraph of the so called Two Party System. There are other options when it comes to our politicians, and usually it’s someone whom the people know, yet the people themselves always vote for those with the deeper pockets, and those who can put on a bigger rally.

Are you feeling the repetition? More money, Bigger outcomes! It’s so… Western. It’s all a gimmick. People have really forgotten that this corporate structure we call the UNITED STATES is bankrupt. There’s more than enough proof on this site, as well as the internet in whole. Yet again, our population chooses to stay willfully ignorant. This has already went to far, to many people have lost their lives under this dictatorship. We’ve let these parasites dig deep into the flesh of America. It’s us who is going to have to get the tweezers and remove them.

The wounds will heal, however the planet can not sustain this sickness forever, and by the weather and various other signs of the times, we don’t have long to make our choice. Peace and love.


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