Mail being Tampered with.

It would seem, I am being watched. For what, I don’t know. I’ve committed no crimes, however I have witnessed a few against ME, on my Mothers Birthday. I am not a violent being, I mean no one any harm. My divine creed is Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.

To watch me, would mean I’m on to something. It would mean that I am up against something, that doesn’t want to be discovered on a massive scale. This is all fine, if the truth would be exposed side by side, for ALL to see. This site it dedicated to history, knowledge, and to the best of my ability, Truth.

I am no Sovereign Citizen, I am NOT a Color-Of-Law BRAND, or CORPORATION. This site is proof a being in the flesh, and of the spirit created a location where people all around the world can remember their ancient, ancient ancestors, and WHY we are in this position.

I am a Moor, politically a Moorish American.

The image below is mail I sent, almost ALL of it has been delayed, opened, and tampered with. How do I know? I’ve seen them, as have witnesses.

If there’s an investigation against me, I can only imagine why.. could have something to do with Alexandria Thorsby falsely accusing me of ransoming my daughter for $250 that I gave her for her own watch.

Right….. how exactly does that work?

I’m watching them, watching me.

See the problem with these?

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