Living in the Private.

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Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

Living In The Private
EVERY natural man and woman is born“in the private”. Whereas the state is public, and therefore it’s Public Servants, and its legal fiction creations are“in the public”, including its artificial legal “persons”.

A man or woman can either “live” “in the private”, or “act” “in the public”. However …

We are trained from an early age to accept a higher authority as normal. Most people exist in a culture of submission and conformity, allowing numerous aspects of their lives to be controlled by the Government. The populace is manipulated to become dependent (debt-money), and conditioned to become fearful (racism, terrorism, and wars). The manner and appearance of “authority” are usually intimidating by design, while the language of legal fiction commerce (Legalese) is deceptive.

You are indoctrinated to “act” in the “role” of an artificial legal “person”, which is a creation of the State and a debtor serving as “surety” for the corporate debt of YOUR NATION (INC.).

Every nation with a Central Bank under the Bank for International Settlements has been indebted by the “incorporation” of its government into the debt-money system, thereby surrendering its power of sovereign money issuance.
A global system of debt-bondage has been established by “incorporating” governments,
and by programming the people to “act” in the fictional “roles” of “artificial persons”,
which as legal fictions having no innate productive capacity, are debtors by default,
serving as “transmitting utilities” for human energy.

An artificial legal “person” is a dead entity. It is a legal fiction“persona” in the “theatre of commerce”, and it is under the foreign Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction, the international “Law of the Sea”. On the contrary, you are born into your own sovereign Estate of body, mind, and soul. As a sentient man or woman, you live within the sovereign Common Law Jurisdiction, the national “Law of the Land”.

The “Common Law” follows “Natural Law”, a living system of “right or justice” held to be common to all humans and derived from Nature rather than from the rules of society. In “Natural Law”, all people are born equal and endowed with unalienable rights.

Your sovereign jurisdiction, including your inborn Unalienable Rights, cannot be taken from you without your fully informed and willing consent.

Legal “person” “actors” for incorporated governments, banks, and all corporate entities need to contract with other legal “person” “actors” to extract their “commercial energy”.

These legal “actors” make the PRESUMPTION that you are also “acting” in the “role” of a legal “person” in “legal fiction” commerce, which is why they are seeking a contract “performance”. They ALWAYS want the NAME and often the creation date of the legal “person” to establish “joinder”, forming an “adhesion contract”.They NEED A“PERSON” because there is absolutely no way they can contract directly with a living man or woman. They need a man or woman to CONSENT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IN THE MATTER OF THE“PERSON”, unknowingly or knowingly, which is JOINDER. Get our secured party and creditor package go to.

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