Freemasons? Off-limits!

The Master Teacher Aseer the Duke let’s you know EXACTLY how I personally feel about “The Order”

Excerpt from Exhuming of a Nation page 121:

“Masons do not outwardly wear two hats. The bottom line is a Mason is always a Mason by his own submission through oaths. If a Preacher, Judge, Grand Sheik, Lawyer, Warden, President, Director, Doctor, Sheriff, etc is a Mason, his first obligation is always to the lodge above his feigned public position.”

Now, let it be overstood that all men are Masons. Every man comes from a Ma, and he is her Son, hence Mason, at it most elementary level. The mysteries are what Moors taught the Albion when they were ripping off their loincloth and living in caves. It’s what WE Moors used to civilize them.

It’s literally inherent, however, we have “Negro” Freemasons, that will sell their blood brother out for a degree, or a trinket.

Am I saying the Order is bad? Not exactly, I just don’t want my family to have anything to do with “secrets”, and whatever else they do behind closed doors.

Specifically to “Negro Freemasons”, I dedicate these to you.

And to the women and men..

With that, personally.. the oath thing, isn’t for me OR mine. Secrets, and mysteries… are only for those who can’t think for themselves, and have something to hide. This website is dedicated to breaking the secrets wide open, in honor of our Prophet. Noble Drew Ali.

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