Esquire, Lawyer for hire.. Title of Nobility?

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary
1856 Edition
ESQUIRE. A title applied by courtesy to officers of almost every description, to members of the bar, and others. No one is entitled to it by law, and, therefore, it confers, no distinction in law.

Bouvier Law Dictionary

In England, it is a title next above that of a gen- 
tleman and below that of a knight. Camden reck- 
ons up four kinds of esquires particularly regarded 
by the heralds: the eldest sons of knights, and their 
eldest sons in perpetual succession ; the eldest sons 
of the younger sons of peers, and their eldest sons 
in like perpetual succession ; esquires created by 
the king's letters patent, or other investiture, and 
their eldest sons ; esquires by virtue of their office, 
as justices of the peace, and others who bear any 
office of trust under the crown. 2 Steph. Com. 673. 
A miller or a farmer may be an esquire ; I. R. 2 
Eq. 235.
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